5 Apps to Make Students’ Lives Easier

5 Apps to Make Students’ Lives Easier

If every day is difficult for you as a student. You don’t have time to take notes. Your English spelling and grammar are not good enough. You can not solve complex mathematical problems. We know how to make student’s lives easier apps. Here are some following apps to Make Students’ Lives Easier.

5 Apps to Make Students’ Lives Easier

1. Smart Alarm

If you have difficulty waking up early in the morning. You often miss or late for your first class. This app is for you. How Smart Alarm app is different from the pre-installed alarm clock app on your mobile? You can not dismiss an alarm by pressing only one key. When you use this app you have to complete a simple challenge to dismiss the alarm. For example, you have to solve a mathematical equation, scan a QR code or barcode, draw a pattern, solve a puzzle, or do another task to stop an alarm.

2. MyScript Calculator

You can write a mathematical equation in this app. It will solve that handwritten and manual equation for you. You can write both simple or complex trigonometric and algebraic equations in it to get a solution. MyScript Calculator is just an awesome app to solve mathematical problems.

3. Class Timetable

You didn’t need to carry a big diary of class timetables. Use the Class Timetable app or similar apps to write timetables. You can take write dates of events for a specific class. Exam dates can also be added to it.

4. AudioBooks

If you have a huge content to read daily but don’t have enough time to read books. By using this AudioBooks app you can listen to books in audio. You just have to select a book and listen to it while you are driving, walking, jogging, or doing any other activity.

5. Grammarly

We are human and we make mistakes in our routine lives. Similarly, we make spelling and grammar mistakes in writing English. Grammarly is a widget that analyzes spellings/grammar mistakes and corrects automatically that problems. It has both free and premium versions. The Premium version can do some extra work for you but the free version also works fine.  Grammarly also has an Android app which also works well. Personally, I am using this widget and I recommend using it.

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