51 Banned Android Apps that Are Not in Play Store 2021 | You Should Not Use

Google play store is the biggest app store in the world. You can get all types of apps like educational apps, music apps, etc., from the google play store. But many apps are not available on the play store. Play store banned android apps due to violations of the terms and conditions of the Google play store. Those apps are illegal or may contain viruses and malware.

Also, some of those apps collect sensitive data from users. So, before installing any app from outside of the play store, you should be aware that the app is banned from the play store or not? If an app is banned from the play store, you shouldn’t install it because it may be harmful. Here we discuss some banned android apps that are not in the play store.

51 Banned Android Apps that Are Not in Play Store 2021

51 Banned Android apps that you should not use

1. Royal Likes – Unlimited Instagram Likes 

Royal Likes is an app that lets you increase followers and likes on Instagram. It is one of the best apps on the list of banned android apps on the play store. Nowadays, Instagram is one of the best apps to grow your business. To reach more audiences, you have to increase your followers on Instagram.

And Royal Likes app helps you to increase your followers on Instagram. If you use Royal Likes, you have to complete a task to get likes and followers. Royal Likes is considered an illegal app by Google and is not available on the play store.

2. Grow Box

Grow box is an app that who can use with synchronization of Show box. It is a useful app that helps you cast a movie or TV show that you have watched on Chromecast connected with a PC. You need to install the AllCast app from the Google Play Store to make it functional.

 3. Secret SMS Replicator 

Secret SMS Replicator is a spy app that lets you monitor someone’s mobile. It can be installed on the victim’s mobile with their permission and left to run in the background. It forwards all messages to you. People reported to Google that it is a spy app, and after that, Google remove it from the play store.

4. Movie Box

Movie Box is another app to watch movies, dramas, and other TV shows for. You didn’t need to pay a single penny to watch movies and other TV shows on Movie Box. Unfortunately, it is also added to the banned android apps list from the play store.

 5. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is an alternative to Adaway that lets you block all ads on an android device. It blocks ads by accessing servers that are responsible for generating ads. It works with rooted devices.

 6. Sarahah Messaging App 

It is a messaging app that lets you send messages to anyone anonymously. It was introduced later in 2016. When a person sends messages using this app, the recipient didn’t know who sends messages. Definitely, it is an illegal app that doesn’t match google’s terms and conditions. So, Google banned it from the play store.

7. Y Music

YMusic is a music player app that let you play YouTube video without displaying video. You can listen only to the audio of YouTube videos. Also, it allows you to play YouTube videos in the background. Mp3 of played music also can be download with this app.

8. Adskip for YouTube

Annoyed by ads during YouTube videos? Adskip is an app that skips ads automatically in a YouTube video. You didn’t need to wait for 5 seconds to skip an ad. Also, it can mute ads in a YouTube video. But unfortunately, it is on the list of banned android apps.

9. LiveNet TV

LiveNet TV is also one of the banned android apps. It is an entertainment app that hosts over 700 live channels. LiveNet TV offers movies, dramas, and sports free of cost. It has a user-friendly interface.

10. Terrarium TV 

Terrarium TV is another entertainment app that offers movie streaming. After release, movies are uploaded on this app as soon as possible in HD quality. It is also a free app, and one plus thing is that you don’t need to create an account to enjoy this app.

11. Cinema Box

Though many apps provide you entertainment, cinema Box is an app that allows you to watch the latest TV shows and movies. It offers these services for free.

12. Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher is an app that activates premium apps and games for you. It cuts android premium games and apps. It also blocks ads. Though, Lucky Patcher may be useful for you if you don’t have money to buy a premium app. But it is against Google rules. So, Google adds it to the list of banned android apps.

13. Vidmate

Vidmate is an entertainment app that lets you watch and download videos and music. It is one of the most popular videos and mp3 music downloading apps. Also, it allows you to download YouTube videos. Google considers the downloading of YouTube videos as a violation. So, Google removed it from the play store.

14. TubeMate

TubeMate is another app similar to VidMate that allows you to download YouTube videos for free. It is the most popular YouTube video downloading app that is on the list of banned android apps.

15. OGYouTube

OGYouTube allows you to watch YouTube videos in the picture in picture mode in the background. You can listen to songs or any other YouTube stream while using other apps like Whatsapp etc. It is an ad-free app.

16. Grooveshark

It is a streaming app that Google banned for no clear reasons. It is the best alternative to other streaming apps like pandora.

17. Xposed Framework Installer 

Xposed framework installer lets you modify ROM without even touching an APK. You can modify ROM according to your need, and it is quite easy to undo.

18. Humble Bundle 

The humble bundle is an app that lets you download paid android games at a reduced price. It offers regular bundles of games at the prices set by users’ own. Every bundle has up to 10 games, and if a person pays at least 1 dollar, they can get three bundles. To help to protect various app developers’ money, Google adds it to banned android apps.

19. Video Mix

Video mix is a streaming app that lets you watch movies, dramas, and other TV shows. It is a user-friendly app that is well categorized. It is easy to find videos and music according to your needs.

20. DroidSheep 

DroidSheep is a cutting app that lets a user monitor someone’s device. Users can cut someone’s social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. To cut someone’s account user and the victim must be on the same wi-fi network.

21. Transdroid 

It is an app with different big torrents like uTorrent, Vuze, and Deluge. It allows you to use all big torrents on your android device.

22.Cut code

Cut code is another best android app missed from the play store. It is a commonly used android app by IT professionals. They use it to check the security weaknesses in their apps. IT professionals attack their own apps to check vulnerability issues using the Cut code app.

23. Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager is an app that works as an intermediate between your device and apps that ask for a rooted device. It allows apps to run on your device that asks for a rooted device.

24. Mobdro

Mobdro sports streaming android app. It is not limited to only sports. It also offers movies, dramas, and other TV shows.

25. Snaptube

Snaptube is a video downloader for YouTube and Facebook. You can download videos from both YouTube and Facebook by using Snaptube. It also allows you to download videos from other apps like Instagram etc. You can download videos in the quality you want.

26. TV Portal

It is a video streaming app that lets you watch movies and TV shows. It offers both free and premium services to watch your favourite TV  shows and movies.

27. Block this

It is an ad blocker that blocks ads on different sites while you are browsing on the internet. Block this allows you to ad-free browsing. It works even on prolonged internet to block ads and threats.

28. Amazon Appstore

Amazone has its own AppStore, which contains a lot of apps. You can download different apps from the amazon app store that are not on the play store.

29. AndroRAT

It is another cutting app that lets you track someone’s mobile just in seconds. You can track someone’s calls, contacts, location, and messages by using this app. For these reasons, google added this app to the list of banned android apps.

30. Network Spoofer

It is easy to use the android app, which lets you modify websites over the internet. Even if you are not an IT professional, you can use it easily.

31. MiX Plorer 

It is the best messaging app with a friendly user interface. You can also access your cloud files like Onedrive, Dropbox, etc., by using this app.

32. PSX4Droid

PSX4Droid is an emulator for  PlayStation 1. Suppose you want to use a PS1 game on your android device. You can play the game with PSX4Droid. You need to install PSX4Droid on your device, and it will be covert your mobile into windows to play PS1 games.

33. Bromite

Bromite is a browser, just like a chromium web browser. It contains all functionalities of chromium in addition to an ad blocker. So. you can enjoy chromium without ads by using this browser.

34. VIPER4Android

It is a music player app that lets you different equalizer options to better your music experience. You can set equalizers according to your choice. VIPER4Android app works only with rooted devices.

35. Dood’s Music Streamer 

As the name shows that it is a music streaming app that lets you play music online. It is a user-friendly app. Also, it let you listen to music offline.

36. NewPipe 

NewPipe is another banned android app that is similar to YouTube. It allows you to watch and download YouTube videos. You can also play YouTube videos in the background.

37. Tachiyomi

It is a manga reading app that lets you read the manga. Once you download the app, you can read the manga that you want. You can also download manga to read later.

38. XTunes

XTunes is an mp3 downloader app that lets you download music. You can play the latest music from this. Also, you can listen through online streaming.

39. Instagram plus

It is an app that helps you better your Instagram experience. You can download stories and photos on Instagram by using this app.

40. Adskip for Android

It is an app that lets You block ads while you are browsing or doing other activities on other apps. It blocks all ads on android.

41. Quick Lyric

Quick lyric is an app with the ability to fetch lyrics of music playing in the background. It can easily fetch the music’s lyrics.

42. Freedom

Freedom is another game cutting app that offers you free keys, game lives, and much more.

43. Netease

Netease is another online streaming app that lets you play music and other streaming online. It an easy-to-use app that you can easily use if you are using it for the first time.

44. Peggo

Peggo is an alternative to TubeMate, from which you can download YouTube videos. Also, it allows you to download YouTube videos in mp3 format.

45. Happy Chick

Happy chick is an emulator to play games. It allows you to play games like PS1 on your android phone.

46. Fildo

Fildo is an app that allows you to download mp3 music. It gathers mp3 songs from different search engines. Fildo aims to provide good quality music, so that’s why it collects songs from various search engines.

47. AOS TV

It is a free streaming app from which you can watch almost 1000 TV channels. It is a user-friendly app with a clean interface.

48. InsTube

It is a free video downloading app that lets you download videos from 100 plus websites. It is a fast and user-friendly app.

49. MusicPiped

It is another app that has been added to the banned android apps list for a reason. It plays YouTube videos directly without ads.

50. Aurora Store

It is an app store similar to the google play store. You can download all play store apps from this without a Google account. You didn’t need to log in with a google account to download apps. It is against Google’s terms and conditions, so Google added it to the banned android apps list.

51. DNS66

DNS66 is an ad blocker for android. You need to install it, and it will block ads on your android device.

You should not install these apps because google banned these apps for a reason.

FAQ about Banned Android Apps:

Which apps are not available on Android?

Apps that are not available on Android:
1. Royal Likes – Unlimited Instagram Likes 
2. Grow Box
3. Secret SMS Replicator 
4. Movie Box
5. Adblock Plus
6. Sarahah Messaging App 
7. Y Music
8. Adskip for YouTube
9. LiveNet TV
10. Terrarium TV 
11. Cinema Box
12. Lucky Patcher
13. Vidmate
14. TubeMate

What are illegal apps?

Apps that violate Google’s policies and banned by the Google play store are illegal. For example, apps like Aurora Store, from where you can download all Google Play store apps, are illegal apps. You shouldn’t install and use banned and illegal apps.

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