9 Best apps for reading books free

Best apps for reading books free

Are you interested in reading the app? Are you looking for free apps for reading books? Today I am going to share with you the 9 best apps for reading books free.

Some people don’t read books, and they think that reading is boring and a waste of time. And some people think that book reading was a thing of the past. This is not the work of modern man today. But they do not know that reading can save them from Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is a disease that profoundly affects a person’s memory, brain, and behavior.

People who read books are protected from this disease, and their knowledge is greatly enhanced. Book reading opens up Instinct’s brain and strengthens his memory. Some people find it difficult to buy books they can’t afford. After reading this post, the problem will be solved. Because after reading this post, you will no longer need to buy books.

9 best apps for reading books free


Inkitt is one of the best apps for reading books free. It is the most popular app for reading novels and stories. There are many genres in this app like fanfiction, poetry, drama, horror, mystery, and action, etc. You can select the genre that matches your interest. Every genre has a large number of topics. In this app, you can read new books, popular books, and from the tab reading list, you can select a list that matches your interest. Also, you can write stories and novels on Inkitt Writing.

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It is another best app for reading books free. Wattpad is similar to Inkitt in which you can select genres that match your passion. There are many genes in it, for example, adventure, fanfiction, fantasy, horror, humor, etc. Also, you can download books and add them to the library to read offline.

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Free Books & Audiobooks

Free Books & Audiobooks is a free book reading app where you can read books that match your taste. You can read science fiction, short stories, romance, horror, literary books, war, history, and a lot more. Plus point of this app is that it has many audiobooks. If you don’t like to read books or you don’t have time to read books, you can listen to audiobooks on this app.

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Novel Cat

If you are a novel lover, this app is for you. In the Novel Cat app, you can select novels from genres or rankings. You can read romantic, historical, modern, horror, literary, and billionaire novels in genres. On the other hand, you can read popular stories, rising novels, and weekly host novels by the Novel Cat app in the ranking.

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Lovel is one of the top apps for reading books free. If you are a romantic novel lover, the Lovel app is for. It is full of romance novels.  You can select from these categories, best on Lovel, top romance, werewolf, mafia romance, and bitter love.

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Oodles Books

Oodles Books has 50000 free books of all genres. In this app, you can read books on all topics, such as politics, religion, love, history, music, etc. Also, it has books from various countries like America, England, and other countries. This app’s best feature is that it has categories of all topics; you can select your favorite topic from categories. Also, it has the Top Books and Top Authors tab.

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Epic is the best app for children for reading books free. It has books according to the child’s ages. When you create an account in this app, you have to select your child’s age, and the app will show you the books related to that child group. You can select the interest of your child for funny, arts, and sports, etc. Also, it has free educational apps.

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Flipread is one of the most popular apps for reading books free. It has a big collection of books on all topics. You can choose books from different categories like Featured, Editor’s pick, Recommended, New to flip, and Flipread weekly. All categories wide collections of amazing books.

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Readict is another one of the best apps for reading books free. It has 40+ genres to choose books from. Readict covers all topics like romance, history, business, and science, etc. Like Flipread, it has categories, Popular on Readict, New and Trending, Top werewolf and Top Romance, etc.

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