A New Twist In The War Between Facebook And Apple

War between Facebook and Apple

The war between Facebook and Apple has been intensified due to app permissions in Apple’s App Store. Facebook think that due to changes in app permissions in the App Store, Facebook’s business will be affected. Recently, Facebook started a campaign in newspapers against it.

There have been rumours that Facebook has removed the blue tick verification sign from Apple’s main Facebook page. Social media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted that Facebook has removed Apple’s verification sign from its main Facebook page. Later on, Matt Navarra tweeted that Facebook didn’t remove it. Apple never verified its main page on Facebook.

Facebook said that the admins of Apple’s page never tried to verify page. It is a surprising thing that Apple didn’t verify its main page, but the other pages like, Apple Store, Apple Music, and Apple TV are verified from Facebook. Also, Apple’s main page is verified on Instagram owned by Facebook.

The reason behind the battle between Apple and Facebook

Apple made changes in its operating system IOS 14.4. These changes are the big reason behind the battle between Apple and Facebook. IOS 14.4 will be launched in next year and companies that track user’s data for advertising purposes will have to take permission from users. Facebook tracks users data and it uses that data for advertising purposes.

Facebook think that, after this change in Apple’s new operating system, most users will block Facebook to track their data. And, if users do not allow data tracking to Facebook, the company may run a lens and risk a very serious measles outbreak. Facebook has started efforts to prevent this measles and has also started a campaign.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that consumers should have the right to decide who they want to track data and who they don’t. Also, he said that in Apple’s new OS 14.4, users will have this right. 

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