9 Best AI Apps For Android in 2021

9 Best AI Apps For Android

Are you looking for the best ai apps for Android? Though there are many ai apps for android, I am going to share the 9 best ai apps for android. Artificial intelligence is a process in which machines learn from different algorithms, and act like a human. By using artificial intelligence, machines can make decisions by themselves. Also, by using ai, machines can do more accurate and fast work than humans. If a human does some work, there is the possibility of error, but when a machine does something, there are zero chances of error because the machines work exactly as we have taught them. So, ai based machines are more reliable than humans.

These days, artificial intelligence is developing day by day, and it is replacing humans in businesses. Even that, there are a lot of ai apps that have been launched in the market. That ai apps help humans in their business and other daily life activities. For example, some ai apps work as an assistant.

9 best ai apps for android


Robin is a voice assistant for Android users. It can be used to write messages without typing. You can set reminders for any task with robin, navigate GPS, read the Twitter feed, weather forecast, share location, and many other activities on your smartphone. You can call without dialing a number. You need to call the contact name and say dial; it will call automatically. Also, It can read messages for you automatically. You need to select “do I have new messages,” It will automatically read all new messages. Is it amazing?

Download: Robin App


If you are in search of a job, MeetFrank may be helpful to you. It is one of the best ai apps for android. It is an online job portal where people post jobs. To get a new job, you need to install the MeetFrank app and enter your information like your name, education, skills, and experience. MeetFrank will search for jobs that meet your skills and expertise. It takes your current location and shows jobs near you.

Download: MeetFrank App

Google Assistant

It is one of the tops in the list of ai apps for android. Google Assistant is a personal assistant app that works like a pro. You need to install it and start it. When you start it, Google Assistant will start working for you. You can control your device with Google Assistant by your voice.

Tell Google Assistant what you want to do, and Google Assistant will do it for you. For example, if you want to open messages say messages, Google Assistant will open messages, and if you want to dial a number, say contacts, Google Assistant will open your contact list. After that, call the name of the contact that you want to dial and say call. Google Assistant will dial the contact. Similarly, you can do everything on your mobile by asking Google Assistant.

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Download: Google Assistant App

ELSA Speak

If you want to learn English, ELSA Speak is one of the best ai apps for android to learn English. ELSA offers both free and paid courses. In paid courses, it teaches at an advanced level. On the other hand, it is free; it teaches at the basic level. But, if you are a beginner, free courses of ELSA are enough for you. It detects your English grammar, pronunciation, word stress, fluency, intonation and, listening automatically with its ai system and gives you scores. If Your scores are down, it helps to improve them by pronouncing them correctly.

Download: ELSA Speak App


It is an app for mental therapy. If you feel anxious or ill, Replika can help you to remove anxiety. You can talk with Replika freely, and it will answer in such a way that can remove anxiety and make you normal. You can share feelings with Replika, and it will make you happy with its answers. Replika knows how to make a person happy.

Download: Replika App


Wysa is an ai app for android works similar to Replika. It is a stress, sleep, and mindfulness therapy chatbot that can help you remove depression and normalize. You can share your current mode with it. For example, if you are in tension with negative thoughts, Wysa can help you eliminate negative thoughts. It gives tips on how to deal with this situation by chatting with you. In short, it is a free therapist for you in all situations.

Download: Wysa App

Swift keyBoard

As the name suggests, it is a keyboard that uses artificial intelligence techniques. It can detect your English grammar and spelling mistakes and has the ability to correct them automatically.

Download: Swift Keyboard App


Grammarly is another keyboard similar to the swift keyboard. It is one of the best apps for students. It can detect your English grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, it can correct them. Grammarly one of the best ai apps for android that helps you to write error-free English. Grammarly is available in both free and paid accounts. Although the paid account offers some advanced features, a free account is enough for you.

Download: Grammarly App


Databot is a free virtual assistant for you that works with your voice. You can do various tasks with it. It can answer questions, search on google, and do many other tasks on your device. Also, it can do multimedia presentations and search images. You ask, and it does that for you. It can detect and speak in many languages like English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German.

Download: DataBot App

 Siftr Magic

If you have many images on your smartphone, and you don’t have time to filter necessary and unnecessary images. Don’t worry; Siftr Magic can do it. Siftr Magic is an app that filters out junk images in your mobile by using ai algorithms. It doesn’t delete that junk images; it only points out and asks you to delete them to free up your mobile space.

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