17 Best Android Apps For YouTubers in 2021

Best Android Apps For YouTubers

YouTube is one of the best platforms for content creators. The popularity of YouTube increases day by day, and the number of content creators is also increasing. A lot of people using YouTube to create videos and show their talent to the world. People are making their careers by using YouTube and making money online.

It isn’t easy to manage a YouTube channel on a laptop as compared to mobile apps. If you are a YouTuber, or you are going to create a new YouTube channel in the future, read this post carefully. In this post, I am going to share the 17 best android apps for YouTubers. I bet using these apps will make it much easier for you to manage a YouTube channel.

17 Best Android Apps For YouTubers

1. Open Camera

The camera is one of the major problems of YouTubers. People think that they can’t start a youtube channel if they don’t have a DSLR camera. But do you know that you can start a YouTube channel without a DSLR camera by using an open camera app? This app is one of the best android apps for YouTubers. With the open camera app, you can record HD videos. Also, you can take photos while recording videos. To record high-quality and noise-free audio with this app, use an external audio recording medium. You can say it is the best camera app for YouTubers.

Download the Open Camera app

2. Youtube Creator Studio app

Keeping in touch with people and responding to their comments leads people to your channel, and they become permanent viewers. Audience engagement is one of the best sources to turn temporary users into permanent users. YouTube has created an app for this purpose, named YouTube creator studio. Using the creator studio app, you can reply to comments, check your channel status, and get new notifications of your channel at any time. In fact, the creator studio app gives you 24/7 support. That makes it one of the best android apps for YouTubers.

Download the YouTube Creator Studio app

3. Tag You

When you upload a new video on YouTube, you need tags related to the video. Often it is difficult for new YouTubers to find tags related to the video. The Tag You is an app that helps you find tags related to your video, and you can use those tags to get ranked on youtube. This amazing feature makes it one of the best android apps for YouTubers.

Download the Tag You app

4. Google Keep

Content research is essential for a YouTube channel. YouTubers research content daily and make videos on that content. During the research, they find new content and content ideas. It isn’t easy to cover all content in a single day. If you are a YouTubers and you are facing this problem, Google Keep can solve your problem. Google keeps a note-taking app in which you can save your content and content ideas. It helps you to keep your content, and you can cover that in the future.

Download Google Keep app.

5. Canva

YouTube video’s thumbnail also a crucial part of a video. If a thumbnail is attractive and looks informative, users will definitely click on that to watch the video. Using the Canva app, you can create attractive and professional thumbnails even if you are not a professional graphic designer. The Canva has templates, and you can use those templates to design a thumbnail. Also, you can create other graphics for your YouTube channel. Canva is one of the best apps for YouTubers to create thumbnails and other media.

Download the Canva app

6. PixelLab – Text on pictures

PixelLab is also a perfect app for creating thumbnails. It is the best alternative to Canva. Similar to Canva, PixelLab has templates. By using those templates, you can design a professional thumbnail for your YouTube video.

Download the PixelLab app

7. Tubebuddy

Tubebuddy one of the most important app in the list of best android apps for YouTubers. If you are a YouTuber and you want to know the competitive keywords, Tubebuddy can do this for you. Tubebuddy is an app that helps you to find competitor’s keywords, and you can make videos on those keywords. Also, Tubebuddy has a chrome extension that helps you find keywords and search volume of that keyword. With the Tubebuddy extension, you can search for low, competitive keywords with high search volumes.

Download the Tubebuddy app 

8. VidIQ

In the list of best android apps for YouTubers, VidIQ is one of the best android apps for YouTubers to do SEO. By using VidIQ, you can see the real-time knowledge of your published videos. VidIQ shows the percentage of likes and dislikes ratio of a YouTube video. Also, it shows the SEO score of your YouTube video. VidIQ has many other useful SEO-related options that can help your video to get ranked.

Download the VidIQ app 

 9. Legend: intro maker app

You can make an amazing intro for your YouTube channel by using this app. It has a lot of already created templates for all types of niches. You have to select your niche, and it will show you many created templates. Select a template, put your logo and channel name, and you are good to go.

Download the Legend: intro maker app 

10. DU screen recorder

Suppose you make videos in which you have to record the screen. DU screen recorder is one of the best apps for YouTubers for screen recording. In the DU screen recording app, you can interact using a floating button, and also you can hide that floating button during recording. It record 1080p videos. DU screen recorder best YouTube app for video recording.

Download DU screen recorder app 

11. NCS music

Royalty-free music is the basic need for YouTubers. If you search for an app that offers royalty-free music, NCS music is the best for you. In this app, you can find a lot of royalty-free music.

Download the NCS music app 

12. YouTube gaming

YouTube gaming is a community of gamers. If you are a gamer and make gaming videos on YouTube, you can use this community to increase your views. In YouTube gaming, you share your YouTube videos with other gamers.

Download the YouTube gaming app 

13. Smart voice record

Smart voice record app is an audio recording app that helps you to record a piece of high-quality music. It is not a call recording app for android, and it is an app for recording other audios. Though there are many audio recording apps for android, smart voice record is one of the best android apps for YouTubers to record audio.

Download the Smart voice record app

14. Animated Text

Animations are an important and beautiful part of any video, especially in intro videos. You can make animations with the help of the Animated Text app. It is the best app to add animations to a video.

Download the Animated Text app 

15. Adobe premiere clip

In the world of video editing, you may have heard of Adobe Premiere Pro, the best computer application for video editing, but did you know that you can do video editing on your mobile? Adobe premiere clip is an app used to edit videos on mobile. If you are a beginner and don’t know Adobe premiere pro and major video editors, you can start your work with Adobe premiere clip.

Download the Adobe premiere clip app 

16. Snapseed

Snapseed is an app by Google for graphics designing. By using the Snapseed app, you can design professional and attractive thumbnails. You can use it as an alternative to Canva and PixelLab app.

Download the Snapseed app

17. Pixelflow

Pixel flow is another app to create intros and animations. I have already discussed apps for intros and animations above. Pixel flow is one of the best android apps for YouTubers having gaming and tech channels. It has templates for those types of channels. If you are running a gaming or tech channel, pixel flow is the perfect app for you.

Download the Pixelflow app

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FAQ on Best android apps for YouTubers

What is the best app to use for YouTube videos?

Best video editing apps for YouTube:
1. Adobe Premiere Pro
2. Adobe Premiere Clip – edit YouTube videos on mobile
3. KineMaster
4. WonderShare Filmora
5. iMovie
6. Go Pro
7. Adobe Premiere Rush
8. Blender

What apps do YouTubers use?

Apps every YouTubers should use:
1. Open Camera
2. Youtube Creator Studio app
3. Tag You
4. Canva
5. PixelLab – Text on pictures
6. Tubebuddy
7. VidIQ
8. Legend: intro maker app
9. DU screen recorder
10. Adobe premiere clip

Is iMovie good for YouTube?

If you are a mac user and you want to edit YouTube videos, iMovie is an app on which you can edit YouTube videos easily. So, iMovie is good app for YouTube to edit videos.

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