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Chess is a game that people have been playing for a long time. Where there are experts, there are a large number of people who do not know how to play chess. No need to worry if you are on the list of people who don’t know much about chess or don’t know how to play chess. After reading this post, you will have this solution because, in this post, I am going to share with you the 9 best apps for learning chess.

Chess is a brain game that sharpens your brain and strengthens your thinking skills. Now let’s try to find out how Chess strengthens brain skills. 

How can chess keep your brain sharp?

In chess, players should have skills in memory, planning, and concentration. Another skill of a chess player is problem-solving. A chess player tries to solve the problem and his opponent attempts to dismantle his efforts. In this environment, along with fun, the player puts his mind to solve problems, which opens his mind.

Emanuel Lasker said that Chess is above all a fight. Chess is a war on a board said, Bobby Fischer. A strong memory, concentration, imagination, and a strong will are required to become a great Chess player is another quote by Bobby Fischer. 

Research says that chess is beneficial for all ages, especially for children. It helps to improve the thinking skills and mental health of children. Chess teaches them that think consequences of moves before taking them. It helps in the growth of dendrites when a person thinks to make a move, it sends signals to the mind which makes the whole body active.

Smart people play chess or chess make people smart! It raises your IQ. Your opponent creates problems by changing parameters consistently but you have to solve those problems. In this way, it helps in problem-solving skills.

9 best apps for learning chess

1. Chess Tactics for Beginners

Chess Tactics for Beginners

Chess Tactics for Beginners is one of the best apps for learning chess. The main focus of the game is basic puzzles. It has a wide collection of chess tactics puzzles. Most of the puzzles are simple while some puzzles are for intermediate players.

Playing chess you can get a hint about what the right move is. If make a bad move it helps you about the right move and ask to try again. You can play this game offline. By playing chess tactics you will learn a lot of basic patterns to solve in this game.

Download: Chess Tactics for Beginners

2. Liches


It doesn’t matter that how many lessons you have taken to learn chess or any other game. To learn a game you have to play games. The more you play the more you learn and get experience in a particular game. Liches is another best game in the list of best apps and websites for learning chess.

You can play this game online for free. You can solve the puzzles in different scenarios. Besides play games, you can play Liches TV. On Liches TV you can watch the other international players playing chess. Watching other experienced players teaches that how to play chess like a pro.

You can set up scenarios and boards to monitor your mistakes. If you don’t have internet you can play it offline. To play offline you can set the computer as an opponent or you can set a new board to play with a friend. All these features make it one of the best apps for learning chess.

Download: Lichess

3. Play Magnus

Play Magnus

If you have an interest in chess then you should hear about Magnus the world champion in chess. Play Magnus is a game designed to play like Magnus. The main focus of the game is to make beginners a pro so they can play chess like Magnus and beat anyone. The game has a user-friendly interface.

The game offers a lot of free courses for beginners to advanced level users. You can learn chess from these free courses. Its free version contains ads but overall it is one of the best apps for learning chess.

Download: Play Magnus

4. Chess: Play and Learn

Chess: Play and Learn 

As the name shows that it is specially designed for play chess and learn as well. To play this game you have to create an account. Once you created an account and logged in with that account, it will ask you to enter your level. If you are a beginner, it will show you the lessons according to your level. The lessons are in the video, written, or in practice.

After improving your level from beginner to intermediate or expert level, you can change your level to the level in which you fall. Once you have completed the lessons, you can play with your friends or other people online. Also, you can play with an AI boat.

Download: Chess: Play & Learn

5. Chess for Kids

Chess for Kids

As the name shows that it is a chess learning app for kids. To play this game your kid has to create an account. There are two options for account signup, one for kids and another for the coach. There are a lot of funny and amazing puzzles to solve for kids. Kids will solve those puzzles if they have an interest in chess.

Also, it includes videos for kids. From the videos. kids can learn that how to play chess like a pro. Overall it is one of the best apps for learning chess for kids but. unfortunately. it is not free. Once you download it, to create an account you have to pay $59.

Download: Chess for Kids

6. Chess Free

Chess Free

Chess free is one of the best apps for learning chess. As the name shows you can play chess for free on this app. If you are a beginner and you feel hesitant to play against real people. Chess free is the best app for you, you can play chess against a computer by using this app.

Download: Chess Free 

7. Chess 24

Chess 24 

Chess 24 is the best chess app for android to play chess with friends. You can watch chess tournaments on this app and listen to commentary by international players. It offers to play against your friend. Also, you can join international tournaments of chess by using this game. The app has an e-book to learn chess.

Download: Chess 24

8. Chess Time

Chess Time

Chess Time is one of the best apps for learning chess openings for players who love a long time to make a move. It offers one to make a move. In this way, you have 24 hours to think and make move to win the game. It is a little bit buggy but overall the best chess learning app with a beautiful interface.

Download: Chess Time

9. YouTube


If you want to learn anything from mobile, YouTube is at the top. You can learn anything from YouTube. YouTube is the best app if you want to learn chess. There are countless video tutorials on how to play chess. With the help of those video tutorials, you can learn chess for free of cost. 

Download: YouTube

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FAQ on Best Apps for learning Chess

What is the best way to learn chess?

Best ways to learn chess:
1. Learn chess from Online tutorials and chess apps.
2. Learn chess from a chess expert.
3. If you have a little knowledge of chess rules, you can learn to advance by playing.

What is the best chess game for beginners?

Chess Tactics for Beginners
Chess Tactics for Beginners is designed for beginners. It has simple chess puzzles. While you are playing chess, it guides about the right move. In addition, you can download it on both Android and IOS.

What is the 20 40 40 rule in chess?

20 40 40 rule in chess
20 40 40 is a Chess rule in which at the beginning player spends 20% of the time on openings, 40% on the middlegame, and 40% on the game endings.

What is a good free chess app?

There are a lot of free chess apps to these are the Best apps for learning chess
1. Chess Tactics for Beginners
2. Liches
3. Play Magnus
4. Chess: Play and Learn
5. Chess for Kids
6. Chess Free
7. Chess 24
8. Chess Time
9. YouTube: From tutorials on chess

Can you learn chess by yourself?

You can learn chess by yourself with the help of chess learning apps. Liches is an app that offers you to play chess offline. To play chess offline, you need to set the computer as an opponent and play with that.

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