12 Best Apps For Social Media Marketing in 2021

best apps for social media marketing

Suppose you want to promote a business through social media marketing and looking for apps to help you in social marketing. You are at the right place. In this post, I am going to share the best apps for social media marketing. Using these apps will make social media marketing much easier for you. First of all, I discuss top social media platforms.

Top 5 social media platforms for sales promotion


Facebook is the world’s leading social media marketing platform with millions of daily active users. We can say that Facebook is one of the best apps for social media marketing. On Facebook, you can promote your brand around the world.


In the list of best social media marketing apps, Instagram is another best app for social media marketing. Instagram is a Facebook’s owned company in which you can promote and market your brand worldwide, similar to Facebook.


YouTube is the largest video streaming app having a lot of daily traffic. On YouTube, you can run your ad to promote your business.


Microsoft’s owned company LinkedIn is a professional app for jobs. Millions of people visit LinkedIn daily. Some people visit LinkedIn to post jobs, and some people search for jobs. On LinkedIn, you can run ads and advertise your brand all around the world.


Twitter is an important social media app used by big celebrities, ministers, advisors, business people, etc. You can share your business with professionals by running ads on Twitter. Twitter is a great platform for social media marketing.

Social media tools for marketing

There are a lot of social media tools for marketing that can help you in social media marketing. Here we discuss the 10 best apps for social media marketing. These apps will make social media marketing very easy for you.


In social media marketing, marketing as well as staying in touch with your team is critical. Discussing issues with the team, keeping them informed of new updates, and getting feedback from them is very important in social media marketing. There is no better app than Slack for all this. Slack is a straightforward and great app.

Download Slack App


Unsplash is one of the best apps for social media marketing. In social media marketing, you always need photos. Unsplash is an app having a lot of royalty-free images. You can search for images that you need and download without fear of any copyright.

Download Unsplash App


Video is the best way to market social media. Video editing is essential for you if you are a social media marketer. Quik is an app that lets you easily do video editing and use these videos in social media marketing.

Download Quik App

Facebook Analytics

Facebook is the largest social media marketing platform. If you have created a Facebook page and are marketing through this page, you need to know this page’s daily analytics. Facebook Analytics is an app that allows you to get daily analytics of your Facebook page, how many people have reacted, how many engagements have been received, how many new engagements have been received, and much more.

Download Facebook Analytics App

Ads Manager

If you want to run ads on Facebook and have a hard time creating Facebook ads properly, you can take the Facebook Ads Manager’s help. Ads Manager helps you run ads, make payments, select audiences, and take all the necessary steps to run Facebook Ads.

Download Ads Manager App

Boomerang form Instagram

Boomerang is a GIF maker app. You can create GIFs in this app and use them in social media ads. With Boomerang, you need to record a video, and it will play that video in reverse like a GIF.

Download Boomerang From Instagram App


Live video is a great way to gain audience attention. If you want to come to live together on different social media platforms, this is possible with restream.io. Using this app, you can simultaneously come live on different social media platforms and advertise your product.

Download Restream.io App

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