8 Best Linux Distro For Programming in 2021

Linux may not be a good operating system for the average user. But for programmers and developers, there is no better operating system than Linux. Programmers always look for the best Linux distro for programming. Linux provides them with a new and stable working environment. In that environment, programmers can develop something new. Also, Linux provides them with privacy and security. But there are over 600 Linux distros, and it may be a little bit difficult to choose the best Linux distro for programming.

When it comes to the best Linux distro for programmers, many Linux distros come to mind. For example, Manjaro, Debian, etc. But not only are these the best Linux distros, and there are plenty of Linux distros that are very popular based on their features. In this post, I am going to mention all these best Linux distros for developers. Before we talk about the best Linux distributions for programming, let’s first look at the question of why programmers use Linux.

Why do programmers use Linux?

There are a couple of reasons why programmers use Linux.

  • Most web servers use Linux-based operating systems. Programmers have to work in the same environment.
  • As Linux is a command-line OS, Its CMD is powerful and far better than windows. Programmers use a couple of command-line programs like git. These programs are easy to use and install on Linux.
  • Programmers want an operating system with a lot of functionalities and updates. Linux-Base operating systems update their versions and add a lot of new better functionalities.
  • Linux distros can be personalized according to the programmer’s requirements.¬† It is another big reason to use Linux.
  • Privacy and security are major concerns of programmers. Linux is an OS that is much better for its privacy and security.
  • Its speed doesn’t degrade from time to time.

Let’s talk about the best Linux distro for programming. But before moving it don’t forget to read:

13 Best Linux Distro For Programming in 2021

Best Linux Distro For Programming

1. OpenSUSE

OpenSUSE is the best Linux distro for developers. It comes in two versions. OpenSUSE Leap is an up-to-date and stable version of OpenSUSE. OpenSUSE offers YaST package management. YaST package management is the strength of OpenSUSE, making it the most powerful and best Linux Distro for programming. If you need to install software on this OS, go to the OpenSUSE website and directly install it. Also, it has a community to solve users’ queries.

Why is OpenSUSE the best Linux Distro for programming?

Due to its stability and YaST package management, it is the best Linux distro for programmers. Also, OpenSUSE is popular for its tons of software updates.

Download openSUSE

2. Gentoo

Gentoo is an operating system that can rebuild according to your system specifications. You can set and configure it according to your CPU architecture. It is a little bit complex to configure Gentoo. But, if you are an experienced developer, you can do it easily. Gentoo is a great Linux distro for people who accept challenges and willing to do something new. Gentoo allows them to do something new and different.

Why is Gentoo the best Linux os for programmers?

Gentoo provides more power, stability, and flexibility to users, making it the best Linux distro for developers.

Download and install Gentoo

3. Debian GNU/Linux

In any discussion of the best Linux distro for programmers, Debian has a unique and specific space. In the world of Linux operating systems, Debian is the mother of many Linux distros. Debian has tons of updates and functionalities. It is a stable and flexible operating system that is highly recommended for advanced and experienced developers. Also, there are a lot of tutorials on Debian. If you face any difficulty while using Debian, you can resolve the problem by following tutorials.

Why is Debian the best Linux Distro for programming?

If you want to build a high-quality system in an open-source environment, Debian is highly recommended for you. Also, its .deb package system is the most powerful and useful feature for developers.

Download Debian

4. Manjaro

If you are a Linux lover, you should become familiar with Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Ubuntu and Linux Mint are popular operating systems for their user-friendly interfaces. Both are easy-to-use Linux distros. Manjaro is similar to Linux Mint and Ubuntu which provides some extra features that make it unique from Ubuntu and Linx Mint. It is an Arch-based operating system with limited functionalities. It doesn’t have too many updates.

Why is Manjaro the best Linux os for programming?

As earlier mentioned that Manjaro is an Arch-based user-friendly operating system. If you are Arch Lover and want to use it in an easy environment, you can use Manjaro.

Download Manjaro

5. Fedora Workstation

Fedora is a community-oriented operating system and Red hat. Inc is a main sponsor of Fedora. Fedora is one of the most popular community-based operating systems. Open-source community and Red hat. Inc is working on it for many years. Now Fedora has its unique place in the list of best Linux Distro for programming. People are using it for many years for developing purposes. Its .rpm package is a plus point.

Fedora has a massive community that helps people at every step of Fedora installation and configuration. If you face any difficulty using Fedora, you can freely ask its community for a solution, and they will guide you to resolve the issue.

Why is Fedora the best Linux os for programmers?

Fedora’s auto-updates and configuration make it an ideal operating system for developers. Also, its community is very responsive and friendly. If you face any problem during development on fedora, you can ask it on Fedora’s forum, and people will guide you in a better way to resolve the problem.

Download and install Fedora

6. Arch Linux

arch linux

Arch Linux is another community-based operating system similar to Fedora. With Arch Linux, you can easily build and customize an operating environment for programming. It has a huge community that is full of developing experts. If you face difficulty in development using Arch Linux, with the community’s help, you can easily resolve the problem you have installed it, and then you should not think of its update and fixes. Every month they release a new update of Arch Linux and fix all problems automatically. So you can do your work without any other problem.

Why is Arch Linux the best Linux Distribution for programmers?

It is a stable, flexible, and customizable operating system with provides an ideal environment for developers. If you are an expert in Linux, then you should use Arch Linux.

Download and install Arch Linux

7.  Raspbian

Raspbian is a mini-computer with a lot of Linux programs. It becomes the most popular Linux distro for its tiny size. Raspbian is widely used in hardware projects. It has pins, and you have to configure it with coding to work properly. If you are a beginner programmer and you are wondering from which Linux operating system should you start? Stop thinking and use Raspbian.

Why is Raspbian the best Linux os for developers?

Raspbian is one of the best Linux distro Developers. If you are a beginner, then Raspbian is for you.

Download Raspbian

8. CentOS

CentOS is designed for fedora and RHEL lovers with long-term free support. You have to compile all RHEL programs on CentOS. Also, you can use Red Hat and CentOS’s library for additional functionalities. The installation process is the same as Fedora, and you can install it by repeating Fedora’s installation process.

Why is CentOS the best Linux Distro for programming?

It is a mixture of different Linux distros with additional functionalities. If you are going to develop an enterprise application, no choice better than CentOS.

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