11 Best Niches for Blogging in 2021

Best Niches for Blogging

Are you thinking of creating a blog and having difficulty choosing a niche for your blog? Everyone has this problem before starting a blog. Choose a trending but easy niche for a blog. Always choose a niche that is in high demand and has low competition.

Never choose a niche that already has a lot of competition. For example, if you choose an SEO niche, it is challenging to rank because big websites like Neil Patel, Moz, SemRush, etc., write blogs on this topic. Obviously, for beginners, it is almost impossible to compete with these websites. Today, I will share the best niches for blogging with you to help you start your career as a blogger.

What is blogging?

A blog is a newly updated website where you can write content regularly, and it shows new content first. As well as writing blog posts, you can also upload photos and videos. Blog posts are similar to self-published articles in which you can write on any topic.

How to create a blog and make money online?

If you are good at writing, you can start your career as a blogger and make money online. Blogging is a wide field in which you can make a handsome amount of money every day. To make money with a blog, you should write quality blogs regularly that add value to users. To create a blog, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Buy a domain and hosting (You can start with a free domain, but that’s not a recommended way).
  2. Install and customize a theme in WordPress or blogger.com
  3. Now it’s time to choose the best niche for blogging and write blogs. It would help if you wrote quality and plagiarism-free blogs. Every post should of 1000+ words, and you have to do SEO carefully to get ranked on Google’s first page.

When you have followed these steps, you can make money with a blog. You can earn money in different ways with a blog.

  1. Affiliate Marketing: You can make money with different affiliate programs. To make money with affiliate marketing, you have to join an affiliate program of the company and place ads on your blog. If someone buys anything with your reference, you will get a commission.
  2. Paid promotions: When your blog gets fam, and you get a huge audience, big companies pay you to run their ads on your blog.

Best Niches For Blogging

Niche selection is a little bit tough for new bloggers. New bloggers have a hard time choosing a niche. After reading this post, who will solve their problem. In this blog, I have pointed out the best niches for blogging in demand.

1. Education

Education is one of the best niches for blogging because education is needed all the time. COVID-19 has changed the world’s education system, and now people are moving to online education. The demand for online education has increased hundred times. Suppose you have enough knowledge to teach something. It would help if you made an education blog. In the education blog, you can post tutorials. For example, if you are good at web development, you can teach web development to beginners by writing step-by-step tutorials on web development. Also, you can teach online and sell e-books.

2. Technology

Technology is a high-demand niche for blogging. Although it has high competition, you can compete if you write long and quality blog posts. You can write on different topics like gadgets, monitors, mobiles, mobile apps, technology news, etc.

Tip: For beginners, it is better to choose a micro-niche to get ranked easily.

3. Online earning

During COVID-19, many people have lost their jobs. Now people are moving to online earning. So, it becomes a more in-demand niche for blogging. You can write blogging, freelancing, YouTube, e-book selling, Affiliate marketing, and other online earning ways.

4. Business ideas and success stories

You can make a blog on business ideas and success stories. In that blog, you can give different ideas to new business people. Also, you can write success stories of successful business people in the world. For example, these days, Elon Musk is trending; you can write the success story of Elon Musk. In this blog, you need to view businessmen’s interviews and write those interviews in your words. It is one of the easy and best blogging niches.

5. Fashion and design

Fashion and design is a popular blogging niche.  You can post photos related to fashion. Also, you can write posts about new fashion trends. Reviews about fashion also can be covered in this niche.

6. Sports

Sports niche is another one of the best blogging niches. In this niche, you can write posts about different sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Squash, and Badminton, etc. If you are a good player in any sport, you can write tutorials about that specific sport.

For example, if you are a professional player of Cricket, you can write posts on how to hit a six, how to catch a catch, how to become a good fielder, etc. Also, in a sports blog, you do event blogging and get a lot of organic traffic. For example, if the cricket world cup is coming, you can start writing about the world cup within 3-6 months. People will search about that during the world cup, and who will show your site to them. In this way, you get a huge audience organically.

Tip: For beginners, it is useful to write about a specific sport. If you write on a specific sport, the chances of rankings are high.

7. Cooking

If you are good at cooking, you can blog on cooking and write posts about cooking. You can share recipes on the cooking blog. Cooking is one of the best niches for blogging for women.

8. Entertainment

Entertainment is a niche whose demand never diminishes, and people read entertainment blogs with great interest. If you are an entertainment expert, then you must create an entertainment blog. With it, you will entertain people as well as make your money.

9. Travel

Travelling is a huge and most popular niche for blogging. If you are fond of travelling, then it is the best niche for blogging for you. You can write your own travellings and monetize them to make money online. During travelling, you can capture images and post them into your blog. Also, you can write about other travellings like flights and restaurants, etc.

10. News

You can make a news blog. In that blog, you post news all around the world. You can also target a specific niche in the news like tech news, showbiz news, sports news, politics news, etc. News is one of the best niches for blogging because, in this niche, you get fresh content daily, and people want to read the news.

11. Politics

You can start blogging with a politics blog. In this niche, you can cover politics news, talk shows, and interviews with politicians. In the politics niche, you can cover the politics of a specific country and cover politics worldwide.

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