Best Smartphones In 2021: A Guide To Buying A Smartphone

Best smartphones

If you are looking to buy a new smartphone, you may have difficulty selecting your phone because hundreds of smartphones are coming into the market every month. In this high competition, it isn’t easy to select the best smartphone. But some mobiles got good fame in people because of their unique and quality features. So, we can call those smartphones the best smartphones in 2021.

 10 best smartphones in 2021

1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the first smartphone by Samsung, having a 108 megapixels camera. It has a 6.9 inch HD display. This is a waterproof mobile that we can put in 1.5 meters deep water for 30 minutes. It has 16 GBs of RAM. This phone has a 5000 mAh battery and a 45 W fast charging support feature. Samsung says that it can be charged from 0 to 100 only in 74 minutes.

It is one of the best smartphones in 2021.

It has 4 cameras on the back with 108 megapixels wide camera F 1.8 aperture, 48 megapixels telephoto camera F 3.6 aperture. Also, 12 megapixels ultrawide camera F 2.2 aperture and 0.3 megapixels TVF 3D camera.

It has 40 megapixels front camera. And it can record 8K dual video.

Price: $1400

2. Apple 12 Pro Max

It is another one of the best smartphones in 2021. Apple 12 pro-Max has a 6.7-inch display. It is one of the best smartphones in 2020. In Apple 12 Pro Max, The company used a lidar-sensor which improves cameras workings in low light. Also, it increases autofocus 6x more in low light. The company used ceramics shield new technology to protect and make a hard glass of smartphone.

Apple 12 Pro Max has 3 cameras on its back. It has 12 megapixels telephoto camera 65 MM focal length with a 2.5x optical zoom. The phone has a 12 megapixels wide camera with F 1.6 aperture, which has the ability to do 87% better results, and it is a 47% big sensor. The phone has a 12 megapixels telephoto camera.

Price: $1099

3. Samsung S20 FE

It has a 6.5-inch display with F HD+ support. And, it has 6 GBs of RAM with 128 GB of storage. Its battery has been extended from 4000 mAh to 4500 mAh. It is a water-resistant smartphone.

Android 10 operating system is installed in it with 2.5 One UI. It has 3 cameras on the back. The main camera is 12 megapixels, 12 megapixels ultrawide, and the telephoto camera is 8 megapixels. Also, it has 32 megapixels front camera.

Price: $750

5. Huawei Mate 40

Huawei Mate 40 doesn’t have Google apps and services. But it one of the best smartphones in 2021 because of its cameras. The camera system of the Huawei Mate is outstanding. It has a 6.76 inch HD display.

It has a 4400 mAh battery with 66 W fast charging with wire and 50-watt wireless charging. The company will have the fastest 5G internet because of Wi-Fi 6+ 160 mega Hz bandwidth.

This smartphone has 12 GB RAM and 256 GB of storage. Mate 40 Pro has 50 megapixels main camera with a 1/1.28 sensor that is bigger than any other smartphone market. It is the first phone in the world with a free-form lens which reduces distortion in Ultra-Wide lens.

8-megapixel periscope telephoto camera has 10x zoom ability. And 12 megapixels telephoto camera has a 3x optical zoom ability. 20 megapixels ultra-wide camera and time Of flight sensor are also part of this phone. It has 12 megapixels front camera.

Price: $1670

6. Xiaomi 10 Ultra

Xiaomi 10 ultra was released on Xiaomi’s 10th birthday. It has a 6.67 F HD+ OLED display. In this mobile company’s main focus is on cameras. It is on the list of the best smartphones in 2021 because of its cameras. Xiaomi 10 ultra has 48 megapixels main camera. 48 megapixels telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom, 120x hybrid zoom, and 8k video mode. Also, It has 20 megapixels ultra-wide camera and a 12 megapixels portrait camera. It has 20 megapixels front camera.
Xiaomi 10 ultra has a 4500 mAh dual-cell battery with 50 watts wired and 20 W wireless charging. It has 8-16 GB RAM and 128-512 GB storage.

Price: $935

7. Oppo Find X2 Pro

Oppo Find X2 Pro is another one of the best smartphones in 2021. It has a 6.7 inches display with a 120 Hz refresh rate. Oppo’s phone has 12 GB RAM and 512 GB storage. It has a 4260 mAh battery with 65 W fast charging support.

Oppo Find X2 Pro has 3 cameras. The main camera is 48 megapixels with an IMX 586 sensor of sonny and F 1.7 aperture. The company says that only this one camera is enough to compete with the dual-pixel sensor. Also, it has 48 megapixels ultra-wide camera and 13 megapixels telephoto camera periscope lens with 5x optical, 10x hybrid, and 60x digital zoom. The phone has a 32-megapixel front camera.

Price: $1250

8. Oneplus 8t

Oneplus is the biggest competitor of the iPhone. But its mobiles are very cheap as compare to iPhone. Oneplus 8t has a 6.55-inch display with a 120 Hz refresh rate. It is one of the best smartphones in 2020. These phones have 8-12 GB RAM and 128-256 GB storage.

Oneplus 8t has a 4500 mAh battery, and it has a 65 Watt fast charging feature which can charge 0 to 100 only in 39 minutes.

It has 4 cameras on the back. Its main camera is 48 megapixels, the ultra-wide camera is 16 megapixels, the macro camera is os 5 megapixels, and the monochrome camera of 2 megapixels is for black and white pictures. Also, it has a front camera of 16 megapixels.

Price: $650

9. RealMe X3 Super Zoom

It has a 6.6 inch LCD. 8-12 GB RAM and 128-256 GB storage. The phone has a 4200 mAh battery with a 30 W fast charging.

It has 4 cameras. The main camera is 64 megapixels. 8 megapixels periscope with 5x digital and 60x hybrid zoom. Also, it has 8 megapixels ultra-wide and 2 megapixels macro camera. The phone has a tripod mode also.

This phone has a dual front camera in which one is 32 megapixels, and the other is 8 megapixels.

Price: $499

10. ZTE Axon 20

ZTE Axon is a Chinese company that released a new phone having its front camera on display. The company says that they used 5 technologies to design this feature. The company used a special material that separates the phone’s display from its front camera. And, this camera is 32 megapixels.

Axon 20 has a 6.9-inch display. Its fingerprint scan is also given on the screen. Exxon 20 has 6-8 GB RAM and 128-256 GB storage. The battery is 4220 mAh watt with 30 W fast charging.

The phone has 4 cameras in which the main camera is 64 megapixels with 8 megapixels ultra-wide sensor. On the other hand, other cameras are of 2, 2 megapixels.

Price: $405

11. Vivo X50 Pro

 Vivo X50 Pro has a 6.56-inch display. And 90 Hertz refresh rate. It has 8 GB of RAM and 128-256 GB storage. Battery power is 4315 mAh with 33 W fast charging support. Vivo X50 Pro is another one of the best smartphones in 2021.

It has 4 cameras on the back. The primary camera is 48 megapixels. This phone has a 13 megapixels portrait camera, an 8 megapixels periscope camera with a 60x hybrid zoom and 5x optical zoom. Also, other cameras are 8 megapixels ultra-wide sensors.

Price: $630

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