Big changes coming to WhatsApp – including Linked Devices

Everyone knows that WhatsApp is the biggest messaging app.  It has 5 billion installations on the Google play store. And its business version WhatsApp Business has 100 million installations. Recently facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerburg reported exact figures of messages exchanged on WhatsApp in a day. He said that 100 Billion messages are being exchanged on WhatsApp every day. In 2014 this figure round about 50 billion. Just in 6 years, it doubled in the COVID-19 pandemic people connected with their friends and family through WhatsApp. And they handled their business on WhatsApp as well.  It is one of the biggest causes of to increase in WhatsApp’s messages exchange figure.

Linked Devices

According to Express’s report, WhatsApp’s new change Linked Devices is under test phase. In this new update, you will be able to use your account on different devices. With this new update, 2 billion WhatsApp’s users will use their WhatsApp account on mobile, desktop, and tablet. At present, it is available on only WhatsApp web. For this, you must have a primary account on mobile. By using this primary account, you can log in to another device with the WhatsApp web. After the new update, you don’t need to have a primary account on mobile. You will use your WhatsApp account on up to 4 different devices without any primary account.

How much space used by WhatsApp contents?

Another expected WhatsApp update is that WhatsApp will show you storage used by WhatsApp content. With this new feature, you will check the storage space used by WhatsApp sending and receiving messages. It will be a simple way to detect and delete large files.

WhatsApp will disappear messages.

One more change that is supposed to be coming soon, WhatsApp will disappear messages after a certain time. Snapchat based this feature will allow WhatsApp to disappear messages automatically after a certain time.

The release date for these features is not confirmed yet. But expected in the coming weeks.

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