Facebook introduces new “Vanish Mode” that will make your messages disappear from messenger

Facebook is launching a new feature that will make your messages, stickers, and emojis disappear from the messenger after seen by your receiver. It is announced by Facebook in Messenger Newsroom. Recently, Facebook announced the disappearing messages feature on Whatsapp. Now Facebook is rolling out this feature to messenger and Instagram. By using this feature, your messages will automatically disappear from the messenger. If you use vanish mode and someone takes a screenshot of your Vanish Messages, Facebook will notify you.

How To Use Vanish Mode?

It is quite easy to use vanish mode.

  1. Goto messenger
  2. Select a chat and swipe up your screen
  3. If you are using this feature for the first time, it will show you more information about the feature.
  4. Now you are in Vanish Mode. You can start a conversation in the disappearing feature.
  5. When you close your conversation. Simply swipe up again to go to normal mode.

Messenger’s new feature will be a new amazing feature. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can only experiment with this interesting feature. This new feature is now available in the USA. This amazing feature will soon be available worldwide.

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