How To Check CPU Temperature?

How To Check CPU Temperature_

If your computer gets hot and you want to solve this problem. So you can fix this problem by knowing the temperature of the CPU. If CPU’s temperature is so high is may cause damage or slow down your PC. So, it is essential to know and fix the temperature of your CPU to speed up your PC. Here we discuss how to check CPU temperature?

There are two ways to check the temperature of the CPU.

  1. BIOS

  2. Third-party apps

How to check CPU temperature from BIOS?

BIOS is a basic input-output unit from which you can perform different actions on your PC. Even you can examine the temperature of your CPU. To check system temperature from BIOS, follow these steps:

  • Access BIOS from the first boot of your PC
  • ¬†Press BIOS key like f2, f9 and del, etc. according to hardware manufacturers.
  • And check system temperature from there.

Third-party apps to examine the system temperature:

Core Temp

Core Temp

Core temp is one of the best CPU monitoring apps. It is lightweight and easy to use the app. You can check CPU temperature, your processor model, platform, frequency, and temperature, etc. by using Core Temp app. You can check the temperature of each core by using this app. It is the plus point of Core Temp. Also, you can check BIOS updates and system information. It allows you to take screenshots of your PC screen.

Download Core Temp

Speed Fan

Speed fan is another best CPU monitoring app that lets you inspect PC temperature. You can check the temperature of the system by using this app. Also, it allows you to check the temperature of the individual cores and graphic cards as well. By using this app you can check and control the fan speed of your PC. If fan speed is so high you can reduce it.

Download Speed fan 

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