How to clear clipboard on android?

Do you want to know how to clear clipboard on android? Here I discuss how to copy and paste works? And how to clear clipboard on android? On android, copy and paste is quite easy. But if you are new to android, you may wonder how to copy and paste works on android. Cut, copy, and paste may work enough for you. Some people want to know a little bit more about copy, paste. You can use clipboard history to use copied text again and again. You need to access clipboard history, copy text and paste it.

How To Copy And Paste On Android?

Copy and paste on android is basic, and it works similarly to other operating systems. You need to long-press on the text. It will show cut, copy, and paste options to you. You can select the text you want to copy by using the controls given with copy text. After copying a text, you need to paste it where you want. To paste text, long-press on the space where you want to paste the text. It will show the paste option. Just tap on it, and your work is done.

Remember that in some apps like Twitter, the copy text controller doesn’t work. Once you long press on a text, it will copy the whole text to the clipboard.

Android Copy And Paste Tips

Once you copied text in android and turn it off or restart your mobile before pasting that text somewhere. You will lose that copied text. Paste copied text where you want before turning off or restarting your mobile.

When you copy a new text, the other copied text will be replaced with the new text automatically. It would help if you pasted copied text before copying another text.

Keep in mind that you can not cut text where the text is not editable. For example, in an article, you just copy text; you can not cut text.

How to clear clipboard on android?

In android, there is no given folder to see the clipboard. The paste is the only way to see what is on your clipboard. But some android phones show clipboard with paste option.

First Method:

On newer Android versions when you copy new file, the older copied file replaced with newer one.

Socond Mothod:

Some Android stores copid data for ten times on clipboard. To clear clipboard on Android follow these steps:

  1. Long press on the space bar.
  2. When you long-press on a space to paste a text, it shows options paste and clipboard.
  3. To access and clear the clipboard on android, tap on the clipboard.
  4. And from there, you can see the clipboard history.

To clear clipboard history, tap on three horizontal dots, and from there, tap on delete. OR some Android phones shows only cleat option, tap on it and it will clear clipbord on Android.

Third-party apps to use the clipboard

You can use some useful clipboard apps to use and manage clipboards on android.


Gboard image

Gboard is a keyboard from Google. It is one of the best apps by Google. If you use Gboard, you can use and manage clipboard history easily.

  1. On Gboard, the clipboard option is given on the upper side of the keyboard.
  2. Tap on it, and it will show you copy and paste history.
  3. From there you can clear the clipboard.


Clipper is another clipboard management app. It is one of the best apps to manage copy and paste history on android. If you use the Clipper app, everything you copy on your android will be saved on the clipper. And you can get data from there. Also, a delete icon is given in the clipper to clear clipboard history from the clipper.


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