How to Hide Photos in Android?

how to hide photos in android

In this post, I am gonna share with you how to hide photos in Android? After reading it, you will be able to hide your secret photos on your Android phone.  There are many security checks to increase your mobile’s security. You may have some private photos on your Android, and you want to hide them. It is quite easy to hide photos in Android.

Why should you hide photos in android?

There are several reasons to hide photos in android. You may have some private images on your mobile that you want to hide from others. Or you give your smartphone to your friend, and you have images that you want to hide from him. Similarly, there are many other reasons to hide photos.

How to hide photos in android?

Native Tools To Hide Photos

Two big phone manufacturers Samsung and LG, have built-in privacy tools that may help hide photos in those phones.

How To Hide Photos in Samsung?

If you are using Android 7.0 or above, you can take advantage of a secure folder on your mobile. Samsung’s built-in security tool can help you hide photos, files, and even applications in a password-protected place. To use the secure folder for the first time, go to Apps > Settings > Lock screen and security > Secure Folder. By using a Samsung account, you will be able to use this useful tool. To hide photos in the secure folder, tap Add Files.

How To Hide Photos in LG?

The method to hide photos in LG is quite different. In LG, go to Settings, and from there, go to Fingerprints and Security and click on Content Lock. You can use this feature by using a PIN, password, or fingerprint.

Now open your gallery, tap Menu, and then click on More from there and go to Lock. After this, it will ask you to select photos you want to hide. Your photos will be added to a hidden library. To get access to hidden data, tap Menu and touch on Show locked Files. By entering your security credentials, you will able to see hidden images.

If you don’t have LG or you own a Samsung mobile with below 7.0. You are still able to hide photos by using a file manager or third-party apps. Open file manager app. Create a new folder starting with a dot (.Photos or . Private). Once you have created this folder, Select photos you want and move them into this folder. Your photos will be hidden from the gallery. You can see those hidden images from that folder.

Photos are hidden because gallery apps do not detect .folders.

If it seems difficult to hide photos from File Manager, you can also use third-party apps specially created for this purpose.

Third-Party Apps To Hide Pictures On Android

1. Vaulty

Vaulty is a popular app to hide photos in your photos from Android. It has its own password-protected gallery. The photos hidden by using the vault are only visible to that gallery. You can even backup your files by using these apps.

Download Vaulty: Vaulty

2. Keepsafe Vault

Keepsafe Vault is a competitor of Vaulty. You can save images in a password-protected gallery. Similar to Vaulty, the photos hidden by using the vault are only visible to that gallery. It also has a backup feature so you can back up your files. The unique feature of KeepSafe Vault is that you can hide the on-screen icon of it. Meaning no one knows that you have hidden something.

Download KeepSafe Vault: Keepsafe Vault


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