How to make money with blogging?

How to make money with blogging

Do you want to know that how to make money with blogging? I assure you that after reading this post, you will have enough knowledge about how to make money with blogging? The world is changing quickly, in modern world unemployment is a big issue of people. Every problem has a solution, and now people are working on the internet and earning more money than full-time jobs. In the internet world, when most people earn from the internet, competition is increasing day by day. In this high competition, it isn’t easy to get a job on the internet.

Another factor that increases this difficulty is that technology is changing day by day. 20 years ago, skills that were trending had been expired. In this high competition, blogging is a skill that remains constant. All major search engines need data, and people need information. It is the best time to start your career in blogging. By writing a blog, you can earn good money.

For earning, you can offer blog writing services on different freelance marketplaces, or you can start your own blog.

How to make money with blogging?

Blogging in freelancing

In freelancing, you can offer blog writer services. Following services you can offer as a blogger:

1. Ghostwriter

You can offer ghostwriting services in freelancing. A ghostwriter writes articles, speeches, blogs, etc., without getting credit for his work. Credit goes to your client or a person who hires you.

2. Paid email newsletters

If you have a strong grip on blog writing, it is not difficult to write on different subjects for you. You can write a quality email and make money by sending it to your employer.

3. Content for magazines

Many magazines publish an article on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If you are good at content writing, you can write an article for a magazine, and you can make good money by writing content.

4. Copywriting

You can offer copywriting services. If you are good at copywriting, you can make money.

5. Write for a paid blogging website

Many websites pay bloggers for writing content for that website. You can earn money by writing content for those websites. It is a good way to earn money with blogging.

Start your own blog to make money.

To start your own blog, it is essential to identify your niche. When you find your writing topic, search engines start ranking your blog and people search for your blog to solve their problems in that particular subject.

How to identify your niche?

There are many niches to write a blog like technology, sports, health, politics, tourism, etc. But you have to choose that one niche in which you feel satisfied. You must have a command on your subject to provide quality content to your audience. Quality content is the only thing that attracts an audience to write your blog, and it is possible if you a strong grip on your subject. is a large blog with a good audience. It is a success because they only focus on technology and motivation. People trust them for technology-related news and updates. While offering technology news from all over the world, the company makes good money with its blog.

Traffic on the blog would come from search engines only if you used good keywords related to your blog. If you write on one niche daily, search engines, especially Google, begin to take you as an authority in that particular niche and start ranking your blog. If a blog fails to rank on search engines, it will not get good traffic on it, and without traffic, a blog has no value because people trust your blog if it has good traffic.

Alongside traffic comes from social media. You write a blog and share it on your social media accounts. If people find it helpful for them, they definitely start reading your blog regularly. Good content means a good engagement on social media. If you’re a Facebook page and you have several audiences on it, you can get traffic on your blog from your Facebook page.

How to start your own blog?

When you think about making money from a blog, of course, it requires you actually to have a blog. First, you have to choose a blog and then configure it. There are two big blogging platforms:

  2.  WordPress

Once you choose your blogging platform, then it comes to setting it up.

On, you need to signup and create your account. Once the account is created, write your post and publish it.

WordPress is different from WordPress is like a website in which you can write your blog and publish it. It is the largest platform for blogging; 35% of websites in the world are on WordPress. For a WordPress blog, you need web hosting to host it, along with a domain name. You can buy the hosting and domain name from GoDaddy, BlueHost, Fatcow, or any other service provider you are referred to.

In WordPress, you can install plugins that can help you to improve the SEO of a blog and rank it on search engines. If you didn’t know how to set up a WordPress blog on a live server, do not do it yourself. You can contact a WordPress developer, or you can place your order on the freelance marketplace. WordPress developers will develop it in a better way and install all essential plugins in the blog.

Create quality content

Once you have a blog, now you have to write content on it to make money. But this content should not be of poor quality. A good writer should use proper English.

It is good to write a blog that helps people to solve their problems. People will read your blog only if it is useful for them. Quality content gets more traffic to your blog, and good traffic means more money on the table.

Keyword selection is essential to rank your blog. Before you write a blog, it is crucial to choose a trending keyword. Many tools help in keyword selection. If you are a beginner in blogging, I suggest Neil Patel’s ubersuggest, an AI-based keyword selection tool that tells you about the number of searches, cost per click, and difficulty to rank (higher number means more serious difficulty to rank on a search engine). Some other helpful tools are SEMrush, Google keyword planner, etc.

A blog without a good picture is a house without a roof. A picture is another essential part of the blog. A good picture reflects people’s attraction. You should use a royalty-free image for your blog. If you use a royalty-free image, the creator of an image cannot claim copyright. To download such images, you can visit and Remember, the picture should reflect the blog post.  A blog post about the importance of playing sports using a picture of a deserted summer road would be a perfect mismatch.

Grab your audience

Once you have created a quality blog with good SEO, now it’s time to grow for your audience. To make money with blogging is crucial to get a huge audience to blog. After blog creation, you should promote your blog. Share your blog using email, social media accounts, podcasts, etc. You can give a link to your blog in another large blog.

Be accessible to your audience, interact with your audience on social media accounts, reply to their comments on social media and on your blog, reach out to readers personally who show concern, and do everything that makes them your regular visitors. If you interact with your audience, it increases brand loyalty.

How to start making money with blogging?

After the creation of a blog, writing quality content, getting a good audience, and building engagement with readers, now it’s time to make money with blogging. To earn money with blogging, you should write blogs regularly and continuously attract your blog.

The question is, how to make your blog profitable?

Well, many websites offer the best CPM advertising for bloggers. For these CPMadvertisings, you can create your account by signing up on their website. The formula for earning is very straightforward. The advertisers are looking to advertise their products, and they put ads on your blog. People read your blog. They see ads on it, and when they click on that blog, you earn money.  You can also monetize your blog by getting a lot of sponsored blog requests. Sponsors request you put their ads on your blog, and they pay in well and could be a great source of income.

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