How To Share Google Calendar?

How to share Google Calendar?

Google calendar is one of the best calendars. Most of the big organizations and companies use google calendar. Here we discuss how to share a Google Calendar?

Sharing a calendar may be beneficial in different ways especially nowadays when most people are working from home. If you are working in a team, or you own an organization where you have to schedule different activities. You can share a calendar to connect with your team members.

For example, if you want to share holidays, meetings, etc. you have to send an email for every activity. And you have to wait for a response email. But if you share a pre-scheduled calendar with your team members you don’t need to send emails for all events. Because your colleagues or employees already have a schedule of all events. It makes it easy to conduct meetings, share deadlines, and other activities. Sharing a calendar may help you in time management.

How to Share Google Calendar?

It is quite easy to share Google calendar. To share google calendar follow these steps.

1. Open Google calendar from (Keep in mind that currently, the Google calendar app doesn’t support this feature)

2. On the right side expand “My Calendar” to see all your calendars like holidays, reminders and tasks etc.

3. To share a calendar click three vertical dots next to that.

4. From there click on “Settings and sharing”.

5. Write down the title and description of the calendar.

6. Click on “Set my primary time zone” to make changes in your time zone.

7. Scroll down to find the “Share with specific people” option. In “Share with specific people” click on “add people” and enter the email of the person you want to share with. (You can add more than one email IDs)

8. When you have added email. Select permissions you want to grant that person: 1. See only free/busy (hide details). 2. See all event detail 3. Make changes to event 4. Make changes and manage to share

Once you have done all the above steps an auto-generated email will be shared with persons you have added to the list. They have to click on the link received by email to view the calendar.

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