How To Turn Smartphone into Mouse To Control Your PC with your Mobile?

Suppose you are reading something on a website online in bed, and you want to control your PC remotely to scroll up and down. Or you are watching videos and you want to control your PC without a mouse. There may are many other scenarios in which you may need to control your PC without a mouse. You may want to control your PC with mobile just for fun or to experiment with a new experience. This may surprise you that you can control your PC with your mobile. But, it is possible to control the PC with mobile. After reading this post, you will be able to control your PC with your smartphone.

If you are thinking that, it will be very difficult to convert a mobile into a mouse to control the PC. Don’t worry, it is very easy to control a PC with a mobile. You just need to install an app on both PC and mobile and follow some simple steps.

Follow these easy and simple steps to convert a mobile into a mouse.

1. Download and install the Remote Mouse app. Download links: Android, iPad, iPhone/iPod.

2. Now download its partner app Remote Mouse for PC from the following link. Download link: Remote Mouse for Windows and Mac.

3. Now connect your mobile and PC with the same Wi-Fi network.

4. Once you connected with the same Wi-Fi network, you can see the IP address or QR code in the PC’s app.

5. Now open your app on your mobile and connect with your PC by using an IP address or scanning a QR code (tap + icon at the upper right corner to connect using an IP address or QR code).

Note: You can use your mobile’s hotspot. If you are using your mobile’s hotspot, you just need to connect your PC with your mobile by using the hotspot. Then open the Remote Mouse app on the mobile and it will show your PC’s name, tap on that and you are good to go.

6. Once you have done with the app. It will be very easy and fun to navigate your PC with your device.

In a remote mouse, one finger tab is left-clicked and two-finger tap is right-clicked. You can also use buttons for left and right clicks. There is a scroll bar in-app by which you can scroll up and down. By default scroll bar is on the right side. If you are left-handed, you can move it to the left side in the settings. There is also a paid version of the Remote Mouse app with some advanced settings. But, the free version also works fine. I hope that you will enjoy this app.

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