Microsoft edge adding a new cross-profile tab sharing tool

Microsoft wants to compete with Google chrome and wants to make Microsoft edge a top browser in the world. To fulfill this goal, Microsoft is making changes to its edge browser. A few days ago, Microsoft said that Internet explorer will redirect its users to Microsoft edge. Now they announced to add a new handy cross-profile sharing tool to Microsoft edge. News of this feature came to us from MakeUseOf.

If you use different profiles on Microsoft edge, you will be able to share tabs between profiles by using Microsoft edge’s cross-profile tab sharing tool. @AaronGustafson shared this news on Twitter. Aaron Gustafson says that the Microsoft edge cross-profile sharing tool will allow you to move a tab from one profile to another.

This feature is under development and Aaron Gustafson wants to get feedback from people. He wants to know how a cross-profile sharing tool should work. Twitter users can vote that how this tool should be handled, it should share tab history or only the URL of the tab. The Majority of Twitter users voted in favor of share only URL links of the tab.

This tab is useful for those who work in different profiles. If they found anything that may be useful for a specific profile they can share that tab with other best-fit profiles.

This feature is still in the development phase. After the launch of this feature, you will manage your browser in an easy and better way. Hopefully, this feature will be launched in the next few weeks.

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