Microsoft Edge Introducing Several new Features

Microsoft Edge Introducing Several new Features

A few months ago Microsoft made some major updates including redirection of the Internet of Explorer to Microsoft Edge. Now Microsoft Edge introducing several new features to compete with Google chrome. With these new updates, Microsoft’s goal is to compete with Google Chrome and make Microsoft Edge a better browser than Google Chrome.

What new features is Microsoft Edge introducing?

In new updates, Microsoft Edge introducing new features similar to Google chrome. And others are different to make Microsoft Edge better than chrome. In the new few features, one of the best features is that Microsoft Edge will generate and monitor passwords to increase the security of accounts and make sure that accounts are save from hackers. With this important feature, Microsoft will make sure that login information for all accounts is different.

Microsft Edge will suggest a password at the time of signup for a new account. Also, it will ask to change old passwords.

This new security feature will inform users about their information. It will notify the user if their information is leaked to anyone else. Microsoft Edge will no longer alert users to weak passwords. To use this feature user will have to login Microsoft account.

According to the new update tabs that are no longer in use will become inactive to save memory and maintain CPU performance. To use this feature uses will have to go Edge://settings/system. From there user can enable this feature and set time for tabs sleep. Also, users can save tabs from sleep.

Microsoft Edge will include a sidebar search feature. Now users will be able to search different terms without leaving the current page. Microsoft Edge added 24 new themes. Also, Microsoft is rolling out the sync of history and tabs between different devices.

Microsoft has started rolling out all these feathers. Soon these important feathers will be available to all users all over the world.

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