Microsoft Internet Explorer will redirect its users to Edge next month

Internet explorer will redirect to edge

Microsoft is improving its applications to get more users to its windows 10. Microsoft has upgraded its windows 7 to windows 10. Its goal is to get 1 billion users to Microsoft Windows 10. To fulfill this goal they encourage developers to bring their apps to Microsoft. Microsoft adds a pre-installed new Chromium Edge browser to the recent update of Windows 10. According to a ZDNet report, next month Microsoft will redirect to Edge when anyone tries to open 1156 websites in Internet Explorer. There are many big websites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Microsoft Teams, and many big brands.

Older versions of Internet explorer have lost the interest of people in it. Now only 5% of Internet browsing use Internet explorer. But some people stills use Internet explorer, they may be surprised when they get redirected to Edge next month.

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