5 Most Useful Google Apps You Have No Idea About(2021)____ Must Try

There is a large number of most useful apps we are using in our daily life, But do you know they’re more than one hundred apps from Google on the play store and Apple app store. Aside from pre-installed Google apps like Gmail, map, Google chrome, etc., there are many other useful apps published by Google. There are a lot of most Google apps you do not have an idea about. So, here are we are talking about the 5 most useful Google apps you have no idea about, that may help you in your daily life.

1. Trusted Contacts

Trusted contacts is a Google app that allows your friends and family to locate you in an emergency. Both persons have to install this app and approve the relationship when both have installed the app, a person has permission to get the other’s location at any time. If the receiver does not respond within 5 minutes, it sends the last known location automatically. The idea behind trusted contacts is similar to facebook’s safety check feature.  If you feel unsafe you can share your location with a trusted contact. If your phone is turned off or the battery is critically low and you are unable to contact anyone, it sends a battery low, or the phone switch off a message to your trusted contact.

2. Files

Google files is a new app by Google. It is a redesigned version of Google Go. Google launched a Google Go app that was a lightweight file manager. Due to its huge popularity, Google published a new app with the name “Files”. It allows you to have quick access to local storage such as downloads, received files, images, videos, audio, and documents. , clear temporary files, remove unused apps, and clear cache. It let you share data like pictures, videos, apps, etc. with a person having files app too. It works offline, simply you need to make pair with that person and you can share data. If you want to save a file permanently move the file to Google cloud and you can backup that file at any time.

3. Voice access

Voice access is an android accessibility feature that lets you control every single part of your smartphone by just speaking. You can use mobile without even touching it. Simply you have to speak and your phone will work according to your voice. You say “Go to app” it will open apps, you say “Gallery” it will open gallery and if you say “Go back to home screen” it will close everything and move to the home screen. This app is amazing, you can type a message in any messaging app by just speaking by using this app.

4. Google Arts & Culture

Google arts & culture let you explore national parks, museums, and other historical places. You can zoom places very close and have 360 degree wide tours. If you are arts and history lover, it is the most useful Google app for you. You can see and read various historical wonders and arts from your smartphone by just sitting in your home.

5. Google My Business

If you own a small business, Google my business might be a very beneficial app for you. You can interact with your customers and make your business presence up to date on Google maps and search. Also, you can edit your information like phone number and address, etc. You can find your customers and permute your business and share images and ads of your business with customers.

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