TikTok introduces a strict privacy policy for youth


TikTok restricts the privacy policy for teens. A few weeks ago, TikTok allowed parents to control their children’s TikTok accounts. Then TikTok gave control of search, comments, and privacy policy. But now, TikTok introduces a strict privacy policy for youths’ accounts. On 13 January, TikTok announced that new privacy would be applied to users between 13 and 17. According to their new policy, users’ accounts between 13 to 15 will automatically be converted to private accounts. No one will have access to their account except their friends.

Here are some other major restrictions:

The users between these ages will have only two comments on their videos, friends or no one. Everyone option will be removed for them. Similarly, suggest user account to other settings will be on by default for users above 15 age, and it will be off for the users between 13 to 15.

Also, the duet and stage option will be removed for the users between 13 to 15. According to the new policy, the download option will be available on the only video posted by users 16 or above 16. The video download option will be off on the accounts of users between 16 to 17 age.

TikTok wants to save the online privacy of teens, said TikTok. TikTok has always been criticized for its children’s privacy policy. In 2019, TikTok banned TikTok for users under 13. Remember that this ban was imposed when America fined TikTok because of the children’s online privacy act. Now TikTok applied more restrictions on the users between 13 to 17 to protect children’s online privacy.

It is a good step of TikTok because children’s online privacy should be the main concern of the modern world. In nowadays, there a lot of people who abuse children without the help of the internet. So, to protect children, steps like this should be taken.

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