TikTok Introduces New Feature To Prevent Unverified Content

TikTok Introduces New Feature To Prevent Unverified Content

TikTok New Feature To Prevent Unverified Content

The TikTok team is working to make TikTok the best. A few days ago, TikTok introduced a strict privacy policy for youth. Now, TikTok has introduced a new feature to prevent unverified content on TikTok.

According to this new feature, if someone uploads unverified video content on TikTok. TikTok will show the warning message. Besides this, if a user shares a flagged video. TikTok will show a popup message writing that “This video is flagged due to unverified video”.

It is up to the users to decide whether or not to share the video. TikTok will allow users to share videos. But the video will not go to them for your page. Also, TikTok will send a notification, that the video has been flagged to the owner of that video (a person who shared the video first of all).

TikTok has added this feature for users to think before sharing. TikTok reports that sharing TikTok videos has dropped by 24% since the first test of this feature.

Will this feature of TikTok succeed?

Also, Twitter has introduced a similar feature to prevent misleading information. When a user shares misleading information on Twitter. Other users can write context about that note. That context will be shown to a worldwide audience.

As TikTok is widely criticized, TikTok has adopted an aggressive policy to improve its content. Like Twitter, TikTok has demonstrated the success of this feature. The popular video-sharing company hopes that the success of this feature will improve the content on their app. The company is serious about preventing unverified information on TikTok.

Has TikTok ever taken such a step before?

Earlier, TikTok, along with many other apps, was removing non-standard content. But some videos escape their notice. Now it is expected that no video will survive. All substandard videos will be removed. And you will get high-quality content on TikTok.

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