TikTok might be launching three minutes videos

TikTok is famous for its shorts videos. But, now TikTok is experimenting with three minutes long videos. It is said by social media consultant Matt Navarra. Matt Navarra told about this new feature via tweet. He tweeted, “TikTok is rolling out the ability to upload longer videos of up to 3 minutes long”.  So, TikTok might be launching three minutes videos in near future.

 Now, TikTok allows users to upload up to sixty seconds of videos. And TikTok is a successful platform for its short videos. People find more fun and entertainment in short videos and they didn’t feel bore. It is unsure that, if TikTok allows users to record three minutes videos will be successful or not. Because TikTok’s users are not ready for this new feature. 

The Pros And Cons Of Longer TikTok Videos

A few days ago, TikTok announced that TikTok is launching its new Learn Tab. The section is supposed for a learning place and it is also in the development phase. This three minutes long video feature may be useful for the new Learn Tab. People will be able to upload three minutes of long learning videos. It is enough length to explain something and show creativity. If TikTok launches this new feature only for the Learn tab, it will succeed. Because people will learn something new in three minutes long videos.  On the other hand, they will find fun and entertainment in short videos. Also, it is enough length for movie trailers. 

TikTok’s new feature will compete with YouTube. People will learn something new and they will also get solutions to their problems only in three instead of watching a long video on YouTube for the same problem. 

If TikTok adds this new feature to its currents for your tab, it may fail. People will have to face a mixed experience. And YouTube is already providing this facility to users.

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