TikTok Tests a New Educational “Learn” Tab

Tiktok is popular for dancing, lip-syncing, and other stupid videos. TikTok is also famous for vulgar content on its platform. Due to this content, most of its audience dislikes it. And TikTok had to face a ban in different countries like Pakistan. Pakistan lifts a ban on TikTok after an agreement with the TikTok team.TikTok promised that they would remove vulgar content from it, and they will change their algorithms. The new algorithm will remove vulgar content, and it will stop people from sharing this type of content. Currently, TikTok is banned in the United States of America. But this ban can not stop it from exploring new features to its app. Recently, TikTok Tests a New Educational “Learn” Tab.

Finally, TikTok adds something positive to their app.┬áMany people watch this tab in TikTok. Because this tab in the testing phase, so that’s why TikTok disappeared from this tab from the app. Matt Navarra, the social media consultant, tweeted about this tab. He posted a screenshot of what the tab looked like.

In this new tab, you will learn about education, technology, sports, cooking, and many other new things. In May 2020, TikTok started its initiative of #LearnOnTikTok in a press conference. This new tab is part of that #LearnOnTikTok initiative. Although YouTube is already providing this type of content in a wide variety. People are using YouTube for learning. The question is that will TikTok’s this new feature succeed? Yes, definitely because TikTok’s videos are short.

People will get a new opportunity to learn new quick life hacks. After releasing this feature, TikTok users will increase because the people who don’t use TikTok for its dancing and vulgar videos will start using this app for learning. TikTok didn’t tell about the release date of this new useful feature. We hope that in the coming weeks this interesting feature will be available for you. It may remove TikTok from banned apps.

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