What is the meaning of freelance?

What is the meaning of freelance

 Nowadays, unemployment is increasing day by day. People with a master’s degree are jobless. In under-developed countries, the government fails to produce new jobs. When a student completes his study, he looks for a job in any govt or private sector. Some people think about their own business, and they do, but some cannot do that because they don’t have an investment to start their own business.

If a person wants to start his own business but doesn’t have an investment to start his business, what can he do? In the world of technologies, everything is possible, and you can start your own business with zero investment! Yes, you can do freelancing. The question is that, what is the meaning of freelance? After reading this post, you will get all knowledge about the meaning of freelance.

What is freelancing? What is the meaning of freelance?

The meaning of freelance is privately hired soldier—a person who works on demand. A freelancer is a person who works freely without any organization. When someone needs work that matched to freelancer’s skills, he hires a freelancer on a contract basis to do that job. After job completion freelancer can search for a new job to do, he is not bound to work from 9 to 5.

How do freelancing?

There are more than one hundred websites that offer to freelance. People come to those sites and search for jobs related to their skills. These are some major websites for freelancing Upwork, guru.com, Fiverr, freelancer.com, people per hour, etc.

Types of freelancing

There are two types of freelancing

 1. Traditional freelancing

2. Non-Traditional freelancing.

1. Traditional Freelancing

In traditional freelancing, employers post jobs that need to be done. Freelancers bid on that jobs. In the bid, the freelancer tells about himself, his skills, experience in that skills, and what he can do for that specific task. Freelancer selects the best matching bid and hires that freelancer to do their job on a contract basis.

Upwork, guru.com, and freelancer are examples of traditional freelancing. According to Upwork’s report in 2018, approximately 56.7 million Americans were found to be involved with freelancing. Now, people know the meaning of freelance and its importance.

2. Non-Traditional Freelancing

In non-traditional freelancing, freelancers create their profile and offer services, employers search for what they are looking for, and hire a freelancer who matches his requirements. This is the concept of Fiverr. Before Fiverr, on freelancing places, clients post a project, and freelancers bid on that project.

Fiverr founders thought that if they use traditional freelancing, they have to compete with Upwork and other big traditional freelance market places. They knew that this is a difficult task to compete with old big market places.

So that they changed strategy, they replaced the concept with opposite of traditional freelance market places. On Fiverr, freelancers create their gig related to their niche buyers search for their required work, high ranked gigs related to their requirements are shown on Fiverr. They buy the best matching gigs. One million dollar question is how to get ranked on Fiverr?

These are some following tips to get ranked on Fiverr.

1.    Keyword selection:

First of all, you have to search for a keyword with low competition because a keyword with low competition increases the gig’s ranking. Mostly long-tail keywords have low competition, so that we should go for long-tail keywords.

2.    Gig’s title

After keyword selection, you should write an effective title for your gig. who must use your selected keyword in the title wisely. First of all, the buyer read the title on any gig. So this is crucial to use an effective title that attracts the buyer to enter into your gig.

3.    Gig’s Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the cover picture of your gig. Thumbnails should be attractive and professional. A professional and attractive thumbnail assists the client in entering into your gig. Canva.com is a free and easy online tool to design thumbnails for Fiverr gigs. You can use adobe illustrator or Adobe Photoshop to design thumbnails as well.

4.    Description

The description is another important factor in your gig. In the description, you describe precisely the skills and services that you offer. The description should be unique in which services you provide in that specific gig should be described briefly. It would be best if you used selected keywords wisely in the description to get ranked.

5.    Related tags

who should use related tags according to your selected keyword? Who must use the keyword in related tags?

  Skill is the key to be successful in freelancing. A person having in-demand skills can be very successful in any freelance marketplace. Here are some most trending skills in freelancing:

Graphic design (logo design, photo-editing, brochure design, flyer design, vector tracing, etc.), Video editing, website design and development, android/IOS app development, software development, article writing, virtual assistant, WordPress, online teaching, SEO, copywriting, etc.

Freelancing vs full-time job

In a full-time job, you have to work regularly from 9 to 5 a day. If you want to work at night and take rest at day. You can’t do that because you are bound to work in a day; you do not set the time frame; your boss sets the time frame.

Your salary is fixed there is no chance to earn more money by doing more work in a full-time job. You have to work in any condition given by your boss. The majority of Asian women don’t like to go out from home for a job. They want to do some work at home to earn money.

In freelancing, you are your own boss. You don’t have to work from 9 to 5 daily. You can work in your time zone. And can sleep in a day and work at night and vice versa. You don’t have to go out to work you can give your services at home. You are totally free to work at home at any time.

Also, you can earn more and more by doing more work. There is no fixed salary you can earn more money as more you want. Once people start to do freelancing, things change. They become hyperconscious of how much money they are making. It gives you the freedom to work at your own pace and make money.

What is the future of freelancing?

After getting knowledge about the meaning of freelance, you may think that what is the future of freelancing? The future of freelancing is bright. The popularity of freelancing is on the rise.  Many people have lost their job in recent COVID-19. Companies will change their working strategy.

Many organizations will rely on home-based working. They will hire freelancers. Nowadays, companies hire freelancers for a specific task. They don’t waste money on full-time workers’ full salary, bonuses, pension, medicine, and other expenses. The demand for freelancing is increasing day by day. 

Why do people fail in freelancing?

Some people fail in freelancing. They don’t become a successful freelancer. And after their failure, they say that this work is successful for old freelancers. They discourage newbies by saying that freelancing market places are full of scams. Their failure is that people don’t want to work hard they want a shortcut to becoming a success in their life. In fact, they don’t even know the meaning of freelance.

If freelancing is only for old freelancers, were old freelancers successful in freelancing by born? No, they did hard work to become successful in their life, and they got the reward. Even that most people don’t have any skill, they listen to any of their friends about earning in freelancing, they create their account and start working.

If accidentally they get orders, they don’t know what they have to do now. People with a lack of communication skills don’t become successful in freelancing. They don’t know how to deal with the client and convince him that he is the best choice for his work. People on Fiverr don’t make an effective gig. They do not 80/20 formula to create a gig, and they create a gig in just 10 to 20 minutes.

This type of gig doesn’t get ranked, and the seller doesn’t get the order on Fiverr. Some people are stuck in only one place. They don’t think about any other place. Even people don’t know about other freelance workplaces instead of Fiverr and Upwork. If a person fails to get the order on one freelance place, he doesn’t think about trying his luck on another platform. Similarly, if a person fails in a particular skill, he doesn’t learn an in-demand skill.

How to become a successful freelancer?

Consistency is the key to become successful in freelancing. If you are consistent in your work, there are very high chances for you to become a successful freelancer. You should create a professional account on freelance market places according to your niche.

In a good profile, your cover picture should make professional and decent, your area of expertise should be mentioned well, your experience in your skills, and what you can do for clients who should well explain all. You should learn an in-demand technical skill in which you can offer your services.

It is crucial to have a portfolio in your area of expertise to show your work to the client. Soft skills like business development and communication skills are also necessary to become successful in freelancing.

A person with good communication skills knows how to communicate with the buyer to convince him that you are the best choice for his work. If someone doesn’t succeed in a freelance platform, he should move to another platform to try his luck.

An unsuccessful person on Fiverr may be a top seller on Upwork or any other platform. Similarly, if you are not getting an order in a specific skill, you should learn the most trending skill and move to that skill. A person who failed in graphic design may be very successful in blogging, video editing, copywriting, etc.

When full-time job opportunities are rare in the modern world, people should move to freelance to secure their future. As freelancing is increasing day by day, if you’re a freelancer future is yours!

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