What questions did people ask Google in 2020?

At the end of 2020, Google published a video in which they talked about Google’s most searched questions in 2020. The last few months have been a century for people. Some companies earned a huge profit, and some people faced many problems like the coronavirus and the lockdown caused by it. People were in a situation of uncertainty. According to Google, people ask more questions in a situation of uncertainty than in a normal situation. People search to resolve their queries. In 2020, people used the word “why” more than in previous years.

Here we discuss what questions did people ask Google?

Question 1: Why is the Coronavirus called COVID-19?


This was the most searched question on Google. On 11 February 2020, WHO named coronavirus disease COVID-19. In which CO means corona, VI means a virus, and D means disease.

Question 2: Why Mars is red, and the Moon is pink?

 Big Moon

During this year, in April, the biggest “super moon” was seen. Also, called it “pink moon.” That’s why people search on Google, why Mars is red, and the Moon is pink?

Question 3: Why parasite movie is so good, and why the NBA league canceled?

People searched why parasite movie is so good. Also, people searched that why the NBA (National Basket Ball Association) league canceled. NBA league was canceled due to COVID-19.

Question 4: Why schools closed?

Some people searched on Google that why schools closed? Due to COVID-19, schools were closed all over the world, and online classes were conducted.

Question 5: Why is toilet paper gone?

In fact, during COVID-19 in Europe and America, people started stocking. That’s why toilet papers were gone in America and Europe.

Question 6: Why Australia is burning?

Google said that some questions made cried them. At the end of 2019 and the start of 2020, there were wildfires all over Australia. In which 30 people died, and thousands of houses were burned down.

Question 7: Why is there so much fire?

Last year there was a forest fire in the Amazon’s forests, and in the same year, there was a forest fire in Australia.

Question 8: Why is the sky orange?

In September, in san Francisco sky turned orange due to a forest fire in California.

Question 9: Why did so many people die?

Due to COVID-19 15 lac, people died all across the world.

Question 10: Why are people protesting? Why are black lives important?

In this year in America, a white police officer killed a black person George Floyd. That’s why a big protest was started all over the world for the lives of black people.

Some other questions were asked on Google. Why is sympathy important? Why democracy is important, and why people see dreams?

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