11 Reasons Why Is Linux Better Than Windows?

Why Is Linux Better Than Windows?

Do you want to know why Linux is better than Windows? After reading this post, you will get your answer. In this post, I discuss why is Linux better than Windows? Every operating system has a graphical user interface (GUI), which helps users operate with pc. There are two big operating systems in the world, Windows and Linux.  If you are a Windows user and don’t use Linux, you may think that Windows is better than any other operating system. Or you may be confused about selecting the best operating system for you. You should select Linux because Linux is better than Windows.

Windows OS

Windows is an operating system launched by Microsoft in 1985 for the first time. After that, Microsft released different versions like Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 7, and currently, Windows 10 is competing with Linux and other operating systems. Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. Because it is an easy use OS, you can operate it easily even if you are using it for the first time.

Linux OS

Linux is a UNIX-based OS released in 1991 for the first time. It is an open-source operating system that mostly works with commands. That’s why it is a little bit tough to use Linux for new users. But, still, Linux is better than windows for various reasons.

Why Is Linux Better Than Windows?

Though Windows is the most popular OS globally, Linux is better than Windows for the following reasons.

1. Open Source

In Windows, you don’t have access to source code. And you can’t make changes in Windows OS.

On the other hand, Linux is an open-source operating system in which you have access to source code, and you can make changes and create your own Linux distortions.

2. Security

Linux is more secure than Windows. Hackers can easily attack Windows. Windows may have more vulnerabilities as compare to Linux.  We can’t say that Linux is 100% secure, but it is difficult to attack Linux.

3. Updates

Microsoft makes updates in Windows when they have to fix a big bug. Or when they have to make a big change in Windows. Also, they force you to update Windows. New updates may cause a new bug in your system and may slow down your system. It takes more time to update Windows.

On the other hand, in Linux, you can update Linux when you want. Linux updates do not take much time and do not slow down the system.

4. System Requirements

To run  Windows, your system should meet with requirements. If your system is old with 256 MB of RAM, you can’t run Windows on your system.

But, some Linux versions can even run on 256 MB of RAM and the oldest processor. Not every version of Linux can run old systems but, some versions can do this. So, you can run Linux on old machines.

5. Cost

To get a genuine copy of Windows, you have to pay 100-250 USD.

On the other hand, Linux is completely free of cost. You don’t need to pay a single penny to get a genuine copy of Linux versions.

6. Collection of Flavours

Windows don’t come in different flavors. It has very few numbers of versions with few changes.

Linux comes with different distortions. You can use any version that meets your requirements. If you are a hacker, you can use hacking distortions of Linux. If you own an old computer, you can use distortions for old PCs. And if you are a programmer, there is a variety of Linux distortions available for you.

7. Community Support

To fix an error in Windows, you need to hire a Windows expert.

But, in Linux, if you face any error, go to any Linux community forum and paste your issue. Linux experts will guide you free of cost.

8. Solve Complex Problems

Windows is easy to use, and that’s why Windows is the most popular OS globally. But, it takes more time to solve a complex problem.

As compared to Windows, Linux may be difficult to use for new users, but it has the ability to solve complex problems fast.

9. Privacy

Linux provides more privacy as compared to Windows. We surely can say that Linux distributions don’t collect your data.

10. Easy to Use CLI

Most Windows users are afraid of the Linux command-line interface. They think that Linux is a command-line interface OS. But, the CLI of Linux is totally different from Windows. In Windows, you need to open the Command prompt to use the command-line interface. In contrast, in Linux, you don’t need to open the Command prompt to use CLI.

11. Speed

After a few weeks of installation, Windows may slow down gradually.  Linux doesn’t slow down after its installation.

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